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The campsite is 30 km from the town of Rio Marina, where there are open air mines that can be visited with a guide and where it is possible to extract pieces of minerals directly from the rocks. The minerals museum is also very interesting, with exhibits of cubic pyrite and five- and twelve-sided crystals and other beautiful minerals, all from Elba.

For information about Rio Marina Mines: call 0565 962088 or

For trekkers, the Enfola promontory can be reached from the campsite; it takes about two hours to walk round the bay. It is an easy route for children except for the last part of the path, which at the headland traverses breathtaking cliffs above the turquoise sea with panoramic views. The history of the fortifications of cape Enfola is very interesting. If you visit in May/June, you can see colonies of seagulls that nest among the rocks along the path; they protect their nestlings by opening their wings (they are not dangerous) and squawking loudly.

A more challenging excursion is path 48, , a 12 km walk from near the campsite to the town of Marina di Campo. It is a six-hour trek through the island from north to south. Encounters with various animals such as wild pigs, hares, partridges and pheasants are guaranteed; there is also a wide range of flora and the typical fragrance of the macchia, and numerous panoramic views to photograph.
The first part of this route, from the campsite to the Biodola, can be done by mountain bike.

Other interesting and adventurous excursions can be done on horseback, with guides from the various riding schools on the island.

Enfola promontory


For health and relaxation, the thermal baths of San Giovanni are only 6 km from the campsite in the lovely surroundings of Portoferraio bay. This thermal basin is famous for a special “sea unguent” that comes from cultivated seaweeds; it can be applied for arthritis, psoriasis and rheumatic problems; there are also inhalant treatments with salty bromide and iodine-rich sea water. There are also of course all the standard treatments and massages for relaxation after the physical demands of your daily activities.
For information about the Thermal Baths: call 0565 914680 oppure

Elba is synonymous with the sea. Scuba divers can explore the fascination of the sea bed, and even at a depth of a few metres there is a treasure of crevices, grottoes and rock-faces that drop down and disappear into the cobalt depths populated by various and colourful forms of life, all waiting to be enjoyed.

There are numerous diving clubs on the island: they are highly professional and offer scuba divers the possibility of dives al all skill levels. The campsite is 1 km from Enfola Diving club. The rock called the Ship (il Nave), which has a 40-metre face completely covered by yellow and red gorgonians, is home to lobsters and moray eels, groupers and sea bream; passing schools of large fish may also be encountered. It is a spectacular location for diving excursions.

On the sea bed there are also historical remains of ship wrecks such as the Elviscot, a 62-metre cargo ship that sank not far from the coast of Pomonte in 15 metres of water.

Various museums can be visited in the eight communes on the island to learn about Elba’s history, from the Etruscans through the Middle Ages to the time of Napoleon, the great Emperor who was Governor of Elba for a short time and who united the residents under the same flag, which is displayed at most tourist locations.

Numerous sporting, musical and gastronomic events are held on the island in the summer, with local festivals and cultural events.

Typical food is accompanied by dry wines, which are easy to find in the many restaurants by the sea or in the hills, from which delightful panoramic views and magnificent sunsets can be enjoyed.



Camper van in with parking place not bookable: € 30,00 per night for 2 people. For each additional child or person rate applies for the period.
Max 6 camper van spots available; max stay 3 nights, from 01/06 to 29/08 only.

Discounts do not include other discounts or offers for the same period.

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